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We are the top SEO AGENCY in Pakistan, engaged in providing the best yet affordable SEO and digital marketing services in Lahore and throughout Pakistan for the past seven years.

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How "SEO Services Lahore" Can Boost Your Business

How SEO Works  

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But first: What is SEO? SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process through which we make on page and off page improvements on your website according to the Google guidelines, to make your website preferable for Google to rank for the first positions in Google search results for your given keywords. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a long-term investment in your business where each month’s effort helps you achieve greater results in the coming months. For further details, please our SEO FAQs below.

Who is SEO for? Well, SEO is not only beneficial for online businesses it is a prerequisite to survive in online competition. All small and large business need organic traffic through Google as 92% of the online organic searches on internet are made in Google. In other words, Google is the king of internet and if you become a friend of the king, you become rich too. SEO is the ONLY solution to it. Even if your business is not online, you may consider taking it online to increase the size of your market. SEO is also a great way to create your brand trust and loyalty. If something is NO. 1 in Google SERP, it is considered to be highly trust worthy. 

SEO Services Lahore is an award winning SEO agency, located in Lahore with a seven years of accumulated SEO experience. We have worked for and ranked 100s of websites not only from Pakistan, but from all around the world.  We have a team of professional SEO experts working for our clients, headed by SEO guru Mr. A. kamran – the CEO of the company.  We offer the most affordable SEO services in Lahore at the most competitive prices, in Pakistan.


SEO Works in Three Steps

1. Top Ranking in Google

Through on page and off page SEO, your website is brought on the first page of Google searches for the given keywords. This means when people search for your products / services your site appears in Google.

2. More Traffic on Your Website

When you rank in one of the first few positions in Google searches for your products / services, you start getting clicks on your website links from Google searches. This means more traffic on your website.

3. More Traffic - More Business

More traffic on your website is like more customers in your shop or more clients in your office. When a website visitor visits your website, he / she is likely to buy from you your products / services - which means more business for you.

Different Types Of SEO We Offer

Inter. SEO

You can rank your website anywhere in the world - in your own country or in any other country or in multiple countries. International SEO can make your business accessible from anywhere you like. We use white hat on-page and off page SEO techniques for Int. SEO

Local SEO

Local SEO is meant to make your website appear in local searches. This may be in direct Google searches or Google Maps through GMB. Local SEO is used to promote your local business like, restaurants, shops, etc. It also can support the regular SEO.

E-com. SEO

SEO for online stores or e-commerce websites is somewhat different from regular SEO. Though the basic process is the same, the road map to achieve your ranking goal on an E-commerce website is different from that of regular a business website.

Technical SEO

Though technical SEO is a part of the regular on page SEO, sometimes clients ask for only technical SEO for their website. As the name shows, this SEO deals with the technical aspects like the site performance, Schema Markup, Responsiveness, Robot.txt etc.

Why Is An SEO Company Like "SEO Services Lahore", Important To Your Business at All?

SEO is a step-by-step technical method for improving and adapting your website to your search terms as per Google guidelines. When your potential customers search for their required product/service in Google, they use certain phrases on Google – these are known as “keywords” in SEO. For example, if someone searches for “buy leather handbags”, this shows that the consumer wants to buy a leather bag online. Therefore, the keyword “buy leather handbags” is a strong signal from customers that they are online and ready to buy your products. If you are selling leather handbags on your website, you will definitely want your website to rank on the first page of Google in the top positions where this potential customer is more likely to click on your website link in Google search page. So, if you can appear on first page for these keywords in Google, it is more likely that someone will visit your site and interact with your website and buy your products and services. Only an SEO company like “SEO Services Lahore” can make it happen for you.

Look at these stats for organic traffic from Google.

SERP Stats by SEO agency lahore

The above search shows that 90.63% website pages NEVER get any organic traffic at all, simply because they don’t rank for any keywords (because no one has have bothered to do SEO on them). 5.20% webs pages get only 1 – 10 organic visits a month. 2.84% get 11 – 100 visits a month. 1.04% get 101 – 1000 visit a month and only 0.21% web pages get a monthly visits from 1001 and above (these are the pages with a most successful SEO strategy). So this difference in their organic traffic is clearly due to the difference in their SEO efforts.

So the choice is yours: Do you want to be in the 90% of web pages with no organic traffic or 0.21% with 1000+ visits a month! We can do it for you. SEO Services Lahore (SSL) is the SEO Company which is always updated with the latest Google Algorithm updates and that is why we are number one in Pakistan. We have the ability and resources to “tailor-cut” an SEO strategy suitable for the particular SEO needs of your website. Such customized SEO strategy will not only meet the Google ranking requirements but will also be one step ahead of your competitors.  

Did you know that 63,000 Google searches are done every second? This makes 5.6 billions Google searches every day. If you have a brand or company and you have not used the power of the Internet to grow your business, you will lose the competition. As the best and most reputable search engine optimization (SEO) provider in the world,

Why Choose SSL (SEO Services Lahore)?

SEO Services Lahore

SEO Services Lahore – The Best SEO Agency in Pakistan

SEO Services Lahore is one of the top leading SEO companies in Pakistan. We understand that every brand and company should get customers and clients online. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the cheapest way to attract customers online. Your website is your gateway to your online customers. But you cannot find you online customers without the help of an SEO agency. We, as an SEO company, have helped many businesses get online customers and increase their website traffic. 

SSL (SEO Services Lahore) is a Pakistani SEO company located in Lahore. We have extensive experience in earning top rankings in Google SERPs for our clients. Our strong and professional SEO team has years of experience and knows how our sophisticated SEO strategy can perform much better for Google algorithm, as evidenced by our successful rankings on Google and other major search engines.

SEO Services Lahore is also the most famous and well-known digital marketing company in Lahore, Pakistan. We launched our SEO services in Lahore, seven years ago. Since then the company has offered our SEO and digital marketing services to a large number of entrepreneurs as an alternative to traditional marketing agencies.

SEO Services Lahore is offering the Most Professional Yet Affordable SEO Service in Lahore

We value adhering to our SEO and digital marketing commitments. We are currently one of the fastest growing SEO agencies in Pakistan in the last few years. We owe this achievement to our commitment to customer success. We are also looking to rapidly increase the domain of our services to be an exception in the online marketing industry. We are proud of how easily our customers can contact us whenever they need it. We value direct communication with our customers to eliminate the risk of confusion. We also know that such a conversation leads to excellent professional relationships.

SEO Services Lahore is committed to helping you get the most out of your online marketing efforts. For this we can also integrate our digital marketing efforts with our SEO services and give you the ultimate “push” which your business needs to be number one online.

Social media marketing, content marketing and conversion rate optimization rightly blended with Local SEO, can directly reinforce our SEO strategy.  

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What is Included in Our SEO Services? Well Almost Everything!

So when you plan to hire an SEO agency, pls. ask them what services they are offering !

Our Main Services For Digital Marketing

(In Addition to SEO)


Website Development Services 


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Search Engine Marketing (PPC - Google Ads) Services


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Other Digital Marketing Services Offered by Us


Our SEO Packages in Pakistan 


Free Value-Added Gift with Every SEO Plan – One Social Media Account Handling Absolutely FREE

Basic SEO Package

$50/ month / per kw

Starting Package for 5 - 9 KWs

  • Minimum 5 KWs
  • Complete on Page
  • Complete off page
  • Technical SEO


Eco. SEO Package

$30/ month / per kw

Economy Package for 20 - 29 KWs

  • Minimum 20 KWs
  • Complete on Page
  • Complete Off page
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO

Super SEO Package

$25/ month / per kw

Economy Package for 30 or more KWs

  • Minimum 30 KWs
  • Complete on Page
  • Complete Off page
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Secondary KWs


  1. You don’t have to pay the charges in US$. You can pay them in PKR. Please click here to convert prices in PK Rupees at the market rate. 
  2. Additional work will be charged
  3. Terms Apply

All of Our SEO Packages Include:

Keyword Research

All types of SEO start with a systematic keyword research. Finding the primary, the secondary and the related LSIs is very important to formulate a proper SEO strategy.

Complete On Page SEO

On page SEO is all the SEO practices on a particular website. With the recent core Google algorithm updates, the importance of on-page SEO has increased many folds.

Complete Off Page SEO

Off page SEO is all the SEO practices away from the target website – on other websites linking to the target website. The most important of all in off-page is the backlinks.

Complete Technical SEO

As the name shows that technical SEO is all technical SEO practices of on the target website – which is an extension of on-page SEO. This includes markup languages, robots.txt etc.

Sitemap Sumbission

The success of an SEO strategy is measured through Google Console and Google Analytics. For this you have to create and submit a sitemap in xml format to Google console.

Duplicate Content Check

Genuine, useful and relevant content is very important for the success of an SEO strategy. Irrelevant, useless and copied content can damage SEO. So we make it plagiarism free.

User Experience

Today’s SEO strategy for 2022-23 is all about use experience. Google has made UX one of the core ranking factors. That is why we pay special attention to improving UX which will also reduce the bounce-back rate.

Internal Linking

The navigational structure of a website and its internal linking is not only an important part of the use experience but also important for the indexation of the site pages. Internal linking is checked thoroughly.

The Industries we have worked for:

Have Questions about SEO? We have answers...

1What is an SEO Service?

SEO services are search engine optimization services designed to increase visibility and organic search traffic to websites. These are often provided by agencies or volunteers experienced in all aspects of SEO. Almost 93% of web traffic happens on search engines. If you want your website to get indexed by major search engines and ranked high. you should try SEO services for your business For example, a food business uses SEO to rank for the searches like:


  • Best Pizza
  • Custom Baked Cookies
  • French Fries
  • Marketing Agency


Since search engines like Google rely on over 200 factors to determine a website's ranking or position in search results, significant experience is required to be successful in SEO. This is why many companies partner with an SEO service provider.

In a simple world, you could set up your website and wait for your traffic to come to your website. However, there are probably plenty of websites out there that focus on themes and topics similar to this. Search engines have to decide which websites to list in a specific place in search results for a particular search query. Implementing good SEO practices is crucial to ensuring that your website captures web traffic for relevant search queries in search engines.

2Why Is SEO Important?

Brands need SEO first because it is the most viable and profitable way to understand and reach customers in those key moments when they are online. The importance of SEO is that you can see your potential leads, which means the engagement process can begin. SEO is a way of improving your visibility on a search engine like Google to influence the buying cycle. It is important to know what people are looking for by doing thorough SEO keyword research. This year, the need for SEO has reached its highest ever. As consumers increasingly move to digital marketing, even the most traditional companies are realizing that they need to accelerate the digital transition.

Many brands and companies know that they need SEO services for their digital properties and the benefits they will gain from using SEO work on their behalf. SEO is important because it keeps search results fair. This reduces the ability to manipulate these results so that the sites that appear for each search are there because they deserve to exist there. There is a direct link between SEO work and a site that attracts visitors with a high ranking in the search engines. So if your site meets these ranking criteria set by search engines, you have a higher chance of appearing in the results – which obviously means more business for you.

3Is SEO Worth It for Small Businesses?

Entrepreneurs and executives are often skeptical about search engine optimization (SEO) when it comes to their marketing budget. "Is SEO worth it?" They want to ask themselves and their employees. And we understand why. Unlike paid ads, there's no simple, platform-specific performance dashboard that compares daily consumption versus sales revenue from conversions. As a small business owner, you know that creating a unique entry into the digital scene is a daunting task. How will your business stand out from so many other brands competing for attention? Will customers find your brand when they're looking for a solution, or will big companies win the search engine war?


A simple answer to all these questions is “Yes SEO is worth it”. An effective SEO strategy will make your small business visible to the audience you are trying to reach. Even if you are a new business, optimizing your content and targeting your audience with keywords will help you stay competitive in the top positions on Google. This is the quickest and the easiest way to beat your long-established competitors. You may not be able to beat them in the traditional marketing, but you can beat them online with SEO. The same principle applies to established brands. Despite the industry you are in, SEO is integral for every small business.

4What Do SEO Services Cost?

When setting an online marketing budget and researching an SEO company, you will find that SEO prices are everywhere. It is difficult to answer the question, how much does SEO cost? The cost of SEO services varies depending on what is included in the services. The average cost per keyword is between $40 and $50 per month. 

We offer the best SEO packages at the most affordable prices, in Pakistan. 

5What are Different Types of SEO Services?

There are many types of SEO services that an SEO company offers. SEO services include what you want for your business. If your business is local and then you should choose local SEO and if your business is all around the globe, then you should use international SEO some of the main SEO services are present blew:

E-commerce SEO

Technical SEO

Local SEO

Off-page SEO

On-page SEO

International SEO

 For further details, contact our SEO Services page. If you are confused and want some help you can contact us. We'll help you to choose which service you should choose to rank your business on Google.

6What are the Benefits of SEO Services?

The beauty of SEO is that anyone can rank on Google and it's more accessible than you might think. Instead of paying for paid ads or sponsored posts, taking the time to meet with SEO experts can add long-term value to your business. Here are some reasons why you should consider using organic search for your business.

  • It strengthens your brand credibility
  • It doesn't cost you as much as paid ads
  • You can generate more quality leads
  • People trust organic results
  • You can be one step ahead of the competition
  • Improves brand awareness
  • It can be done on a limited budget
  • The total SEO process can be outsourced to one agency
  • You can expand your business to any extent
  • This is the ONLY way to get organic traffic for your website
  • Its results are measurable
7Who Needs SEO Services?

Almost any business can benefit from search engine optimization (SEO). If you have a product or service to offer, someone is actively looking for it. It does not matter if this person is an end-user or an employee of another company; Businesses need to make sure their customers can find them when they need them, and SEO makes it possible. With an effective SEO strategy, potential customers can search engines for relevant terms that will lead them to your business.

Here are the best industries that get the most ROI from using effective SEO solutions in their marketing strategies.


  • Property
  • Online Store
  • Restaurants
  • Medical Practices And Sectors
  • House Repair And Renovation
  • Professional Services
  • Health & Beauty
  • Pet Services
  • Tax Sectors
  • Food Items
  • Manufacturing
  • Service Industry
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Packaging


…and many more. See all the sectors we work for.

8What is the Difference Between SEO and Google Ads?

Comparing SEO or Google Ads, formerly known as Adwords, is like comparing apples to oranges - both help get your brand on the SERP for potential customers. However, SEO, unlike paid ads, is a permanent solution. SEO helps your site rank higher in the organic rankings so you rank for customers who write relevant searches for your content. Google Ads are paid and allow you to target specific keyword groups and then create an ad that promotes your site and its content to those who use those keywords.

Both channels can help improve your overall visibility in search results, but it's important to remember that trying to decide which one is better is like comparing “billboards” to “the words of mouth” – paid versus organic or natural. The organic way (SEO) always wins at the end. A strong and sustainable digital presence requires brands to use both channels and develop a strategy that can use both together to maximize the brand's online potential. To give one answer, the main difference between SEO and Google Ads is that SEO is UNPAID or organic traffic. Google Ads is considered paid traffic.

9What is Included in SEO Services?

SEO services is divided into 4 main parts:

On Page SEO

Off Page SEO

Technical SEO

Local SEO

...and many other things.

Each of these services requires working in the specific areas. For a comprehensive list of the services included in SEO, please see detailed our SEO services.  

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