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How Technical SEO Works  

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But first: What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is the process in which the technical improvements are made in a website to optimize it to meet the technical requirements of search engines like Google and Bing and for better organic ranking. An important purpose of technical SEO is to facilitate search engines for crawling and indexing, the website structure. Technical SEO can also be defined by the process of optimizing the settings that can be implemented on the website and server like page elements, Canonical Tags, HTTP header responses, XML sitemaps, redirects, structured data, metadata, etc.

Why is Technical SEO Important?

Technical SEO is a part of regular SEO and the aim of all SEO efforts is to rank a website/webpage in a better position in SERP for a given keyword. Search engines give preferential treatment in search results to websites that display certain technical characteristics, e.g. a secure connection, a better URL structure, easy navigational structure, responsive design, fast loading time, etc. We need technical SEO to make all such improvements. Sometimes, in the regular SEO efforts, we pay more attention to off-page and on-page and ignore technical SEO. This can cause a setback to our overall SEO efforts. That is why sometimes, we have to hire an SEO expert, just to take care of our technical SEO issues.


Technical SEO Works in Three Steps

1. Improving Technical SEO

Through our technical SEO efforts, we make certain technical improvements to your website, like creating schema markup for your pages, improving HTTP protocol, creating & submitting XML sitemaps for the site, etc.

2. SEO Boosting

These individual technical SEO improvements, give a boost to your general SEO, improving the site performance both for the site visitors and for the search engines.

3. Better Ranking - More Business

Improved website performance ultimately improves your site's ranking in SERP (search engine result pages). Better ranking in Google means more traffic to your website which definitely means more business for you.

Why are Technical SEO Services Important To Your Business at All?

Over the years, search engine queries have changed dramatically leading search engines to become more sophisticated than ever before. Today, Google can penalize websites with poor structure, slow page load times and unstable redirects. For example, a 10 second page load speed can result in a 123% increase in bounce rate, which could mean a 20% reduction in conversion rate per second of increased load time. Google knows thousands of these statistics.

Technical SEO covers all those components that work together to make your website faster, responsive, easy to navigate, user-friendly and functional by improving its overall performance. Without them, you may have a beautiful website that loads slowly, isn’t mobile-friendly, has security issues, doesn’t lead users to the information they need or crashes when users try to contact you or buy your product.

The main purpose of all these technical improvements is to make your website easier to be crawled, categorized, and indexed by search engines so that they can improve your ranking in SERPs and you get more website visitors from search engines. The ultimate benefit of technical SEO is that you are likely to generate more organic traffic by ranking high in SERPs when you have a fully optimized website, though there are also many individual benefits to implementing technical SEO on your site.

What is Included in Technical SEO

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Technical SEO Services Lahore

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Technical SEO for WordPress and other content management systems is essential to your business’ online success. With the right SEO strategy, we can identify technical website problems, take immediate action to fix them, and make sure all SEO elements are working properly. Take advantage of our technical SEO services to achieve your advantage and long-term profitable growth.

What can we do for you? Well, just look at the very name of our company “SEO Services Lahore”; the name says it all. We are the most SEO-focused company in Pakistan. The main aim of our company is to provide the best technical SEO services in Pakistan, this includes the Technical SEO. We have a team of highly trained technical SEO experts, ready to give you an error-free website, technically optimized for better ranking in Google.

How To Get Help From a Technical SEO Agency

Getting Help from a Technical SEO Agency to resolve the technical issues of your website seems a very difficult process. But with our help, this can be as easy for you as 1,2,3. We have a team of experts, ready to resolve your website’s technical issues. All you have to do is to make a list of all these issues and contact us in any of the ways mentioned below. Don’t worry if you have no idea about these issues. We will check them out for you by conducting a technical audit on your website.

We will get back to you with an initial plan. You will study the plan and then approve it or ask for any clarification. After the approval of the final plan from you, we start working on your project. The duration of the whole technical depends upon the functionalities you need and the products & categories you want on your website. 

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Our Different SEO Services

Inter. SEO

You can rank your website anywhere in the world - in your own country or in any other country or in multiple countries. International SEO can make your business accessible from anywhere you like. We use white had on-page and off page SEO techniques for Int. SEO

Local SEO

Local SEO is meant to make your website appear in local searches. This may be in direct Google searches or Google Maps through GMB. Local SEO is used to promote your business locally like, restaurants, shops, etc. It also can support the regular SEO.

E-com. SEO

SEO for online stores or e-commerce websites is somewhat different from regular SEO. Though the basic process is the same, the road map to achieve your ranking goal on an E-commerce website quite is different from a business website in many ways, requiring different SEO.

Technical SEO

Though technical SEO is a part of the regular SEO like on page and off page SEO, sometimes clients ask for only technical SEO for their website. As the name shows, this SEO deals with the technical aspects like the site performance, Schema Markup, Pagination etc.


Technical SEO Packages 



For Upto 5 Pages With Basic Technical Optimization


Super Package


For 16 - 30 Pages With Complete Technical Optimization



  1. You don’t have to pay the charges in US$. You can pay them in PKR. Please click here to convert prices in PK Rupees at the market rate. 
  2. Additional work will be charged
  3. Terms Apply

All Our Technical SEO Packages Include:

JavaScript Optimization

Unnecessarily long JavaScript and CSS calls, can slow your page loading time. We optimize the JavaScript and CSS calls on your website.

XML Sitemaps

Submitting an XML site to Google on regular basis is the best way to tell Google about your website structure and any new updates on it. We create and submit it to Google.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is called plagiarism. This can harm your site’s SEO and ultimately may lead to a Google penalty. We make your site free of duplicate content.

404 Pages

If a page is no longer available on your site, this should lead to a 404 Error page, confirming that this page is no longer available on your website. If not already there, we create it for you.

301-7 Redirects

A redirect is an html command to send both users and the search engines to a different URL from the one they trying to visit.

Site Navigation

Your site’s navigation system is one of the most important components of not only the UX but also of the site performance. We optimize it.

URL Structure

Short, consistent and SEO-optimized URLS are an important ranking factor. So we iron out any inconsistencies in them. However, old URLs should not be changed.


SSL or Secure Sockets Layer, is an encryption security protocol which not only adds the visitors’ trust on your website but is also an ranking factor.

So when you plan to hire an SEO agency, pls. ask them what services they are offering !

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1What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is website and server optimization that helps search engine crawlers like Google or Bing crawl and index your site, smoothly. Your website must meet the technical requirements of modern search engines to rank better. As mentioned, this part of SEO has nothing to do with content and is related to the infrastructure of the website, such as optimizing the code, creating a sitemap, etc.

In technical SEO the expert refers to improving the technical features of a website in order to increase its ranking in search engines like Google and Bing. The key factor of technical SEO is to make websites faster, easier to crawl and understand websites. SEO is an integral part of a website, which focuses on improving your website to get high rankings.

2What is a Technical SEO Specialist?

An SEO consultant is a professional who helps to optimize your website in a better way to provide a better experience. This includes making the site faster, making it easier for Google to pull and index, and making the site architecture consistent for both search engines and human users. Technical SEO refers to improving the technical features of a website to increase page rankings in search engines. Technical SEO optimization expert is responsible for making a website faster, easier to copy, and search engine friendly. Some of the responsibilities of the SEO technical specialist are:


  • Edit URL with 301 redirects
  • Check the page load time
  • Create and configure robots.txt files
  • Check website performance for 404 errors
  • Check server response for each web page
3What Should I Look for in a Technical SEO Audit?

A Technical SEO audit is a way of analyzing and verifying the technical SEO of your website. Search engines crawl the web for pages and websites. Basically, a technical SEO audit checks the health of the site and finds out what solutions are needed to improve it. Bots check your pages for various ranking factors before ranking your site in search results. The SEO technical review should include:


  • Check for Duplicate Content.
  • Check the Crawling Budget.
  • Check the Restrict Indexation.
  • Check the URL Parameters.
  • Check Redirects

Check Referrals.

4What are SEO Keywords?

Keywords are queries and ideas that define the specific topic of your webpage. For SEO, these are the key points and phrases submitted to a search engine by the user, also known as a "search query." The best keywords for your SEO strategy are relevance, authority, and volume. You will have to find high-volume searched keywords that you can reasonably compete with your competitors.

5How Much Does Technical SEO Cost?

The cost of technical SEO services varies depending on the Experience of an expert and the complexity of your website. According to research, the average technical SEO costs between $150 and $350.

6How Do I Hire an SEO Consultant?

By opening the doors to an external SEO specialist or an external SEO agency, you have many more options and the ability to save money. This can be crucial if you are new to the business. Some of the key points to check before hiring an SEO expert are:


  • Understand the value of SEO for your business.
  • Find someone with proven results.
  • Get to know them in a free introductory session.
  • Align your budget with your services.
  • Describe your expectations.
7What SEO Services Include?

With the help of SEO, your business can increase its visibility in the search results of search engines like Google and Bing. An SEO agency usually offers SEO services that will help your business succeed in search engines. SEO techniques include keyword strategy, on-page optimization, website crawling, content strategy, content development, competitive analysis, and on-page optimization.

To understand, what is included in the Technical SEO, please refer to our section above. 

8How Do I Find SEO Agencies?

The answer is complicated. It varies from company to company, but in general, you should follow these steps to find your ideal SEO partner.


  • Get a list first
  • Test the agency's SEO power
  • Visit the agency's website
  • Get to know the agencies
  • Make the first contact with the agencies

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